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Renovating a House

Fix & Flip

We've got the financing you need for your fix & flip properties. 

We support investors by helping them to acquire and/or renovate multiple properties  up to an approved limit.

  • lnterest on drawn balance option and l8-month loan term at no additional cost

  • NO prior experience required 

  • Soft costs included in financing

  • Property loan-level liquidity verification

  • Funding up to: 1OO% rehab costs 95% LTC max 75% ARV LTV

Grow Your Investor Business with IFP!

Individual & Business approval to fund multiple projects.

  • Optional interest reserves

  • Property loans from $50k to $3MM 

  • 12 or 18 month property loan terms 

  • Minimum 620 FICO 

  • Extensive Rehab Financing available

  • Foreign Nationals Allowed

  • No income documents required
Passion Led Us Here
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