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Having trouble deciding what mortgage will work best with your family and your home? Then Investment Finance Partners is here to help. Our brokers are experienced in mortgage assisting and planning, working with all details about your home and financial needs combined. We are here to make sure al of your needs are met, working to help you forward with a comfortable and happy life.

We support investors by helping them to acquire and/or renovate multiple properties  up to an approved limit.

Renovating a House

Fix & Flip

We've got the financing you need for your fix & flip properties. 

  • lnterest on drawn balance option and l8-month loan term at no additional cost

  • NO prior experience required 

  • Soft costs included in financing

  • Property loan-level liquidity verification

  • Funding up to: 1OO% rehab costs 95% LTC max 75% ARV LTV

Grow Your Investor Business with IFP!

Individual & Business approval to fund multiple projects.

  • Optional interest reserves

  • Property loans from $50k to $3MM 

  • 12 or 18 month property loan terms 

  • Minimum 620 FICO 

  • Extensive Rehab Financing available

  • Foreign Nationals Allowed

  • No income documents required
Passion Led Us Here
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